Women Investors: Is an online jewellery business a good investment

Interview with Felicity Fullerman.

When it comes to property investment, most experts could consider an individual with a portfolio of 10, 20, or even 30 homes purchased over the course of a decade to be very successful in their field. But what about an individual than in just 10 years was able to take ownership of more than 150 properties and start up a wedding jewellery business? They would surely be considered in a league of their own.

Who Are the Best Known Female Investors?

Founder and Chief Executive her online jewellery store, as well as being an extensively experienced investor in precious metals, author, property and expert – Felicity is by far one of the most accomplished professionals in her field. Her achievements are as wide as they varied and after following a path to financial success using her renowned eCommerce jewellery store program, she’s been able to help new and experienced ecommerce investors add to their online portfolios substantially over the years.

These days, Felicity still functions in all of the aforementioned roles, but one particular activity that she is most proud of being able to engage with is her ability to act as a keynote speaker for a multitude of investment events and groups throughout the United States, Australia and other parts of the world.

Perhaps it’s her skill with words, or her intrinsic understanding of the jewellery industry, but her audience often comment on just how well thought-out, entertaining and compelling the information that she provides is. And better yet, it’s not just industry leaders that she can help to maximise their productivity when it comes to the precious stone investment field; it’s also new investors and those looking to use gold and diamonds to enhance their investment opportunities.

What Do They Do?

When it comes to imparting her wisdom within the home buying field (to those in need of advice for loans before purchasing a house, right through to investors with a vast array of projects in their portfolio), Felicity can offer an incredible degree of advice. She is as skilled as she is experienced and her knowledge seems to expand even as the face of the property market changes.

Year after year, she has made it her goal to stay on top of the latest trends, master the newest techniques and then share this data with others in her field.

There’s a reason why she’s been featured in numerous publications, watched by tens of thousands of event-goers and trusted by some of the most well-known investors in Australia; it’s because she is at the top of her field. There aren’t many that can rival the expertise and for anyone keen to obtain their financial freedom and achieve independence from a mundane 9 to 5 career – Felicity may well be the answer. Learning from her wisdom has changed countless lives to date.

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