Bartier Perry Women’s Leadership Scholarship
Type: High Potential Scholarship
Group: B

Scholarship Value: $7,500 per year for the duration of the degree* (*full-time or part-time equivalent)

Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident


  • New or continuing student


  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws

Additional Requirements:

  • Identify as female.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and/or involvement in community service activities.
  • Show a commitment to pursuing a career in law. Previous study in the field of law will be considered favorably.

About Bartier Perry:
Bartier Perry is a reputable commercial law firm in Sydney, providing legal services to businesses and government for over 75 years. Bartier Perry values its partnership with Western Sydney University.

Education is the cornerstone of a thriving society. Access to quality education empowers students to enter the workforce with confidence and make a positive impact in their chosen profession. We have witnessed firsthand the positive influence that well-educated and ethical lawyers have on the business community.

At Bartier Perry, we recognize the importance of a diverse workforce at every level and are dedicated to promoting women in the workplace. Offering this scholarship aligns with our commitment to corporate social responsibility and showcases our support for the legal profession, education, and the advancement of women.

The scholarship may also include the opportunity for an internship with Bartier Perry, subject to agreement between the donor and the scholarship recipient.

Application and Selection Process:
Applicants must submit a statement explaining how they believe receiving the scholarship will benefit their studies and future career. This statement should provide sufficient information about the applicant’s background and current circumstances for the University to assess their eligibility, financial need, and merit.

Selection of successful applicants will be based on their written application, academic potential, ability to meet the criteria, and, if necessary, an interview with a selection panel.

For more information and to apply, please visit our High Potential Scholarship page.

Continuing Eligibility Criteria:

  • Recipients must remain enrolled at Western Sydney University.
  • Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 4.
  • Best Lawyers: Bartier Perry